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Athlete of the Week

As mentioned in last week's email from Elbow Springs, our long-time member, fellow golfer and friend, Maurice received the CTV Athlete of the Week. In case you missed the newscast on Friday, here's a link to the segment with Maurice and Bud Newman, recorded at Elbow Springs Golf Course.

As the video illustrates, Maurice's attitude and determination to continue golfing and his positive attitude after losing his sight last year is inspirational.

I'm very happy to have the opportunity to continue golfing with Maurice and am amazed at the progress in his game in such a short time.

Bud also deserves the recognition for all the support and assistance he provides to Maurice.

I've been Maurice's "caddy" and on-course assistant on a number of occasions and have watched Bud perform that role. I'm amazed at Bud's ability to both play a solid golf game while also assisting Maurice. I can barely do one or the other adequately.

Thanks Bud, for all you do for Maurice.

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